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Austin Channel Letters

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Throughout different Austin industries and businesses, popular choices for signage are dimensional letters and channel letters, both of which fill a certain need.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignA great thing about channel letters is that they are quite versatile when it comes to their usage. They offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization to meet the choices of a company. Custom signs with flat letters or illuminations can be created by us.

All local businesses can benefit from the signs that are made by Saber Sign Solutions, because they are made with your budget in mind, using high quality production done quickly.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignOut of all of the sign requests that we get, channel letter signs are the most requested. These signs are composed of three dimensional elements. Each element can be a number, letter, image, or symbol, and is made individually by cutting metal. Once these elements are made, they can be put directly on a building, or attached to a backing frame for security. The last step in making these signs is to put an acrylic top on the letters. This top has a dual purpose, giving the letters more customization, while making them more durable for a longer life.

These signs make it possible to spell out slogans, names, or even have logos. Further customization can be introduced in font sizes, colors, and styles, which many Austin, TX businesses love. Hand formation of the signs can also be done, making requests for large icons and images available.

Places such as malls, shopping centers, stores, churches, schools, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities are known for having channel letter signs.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignDimensional letter signs are about as popular as channel letters signs, and are similar to them because of the individual elements that are used to make them. However, there is one key thing about these signs that makes them different from channel letter signs. Channel letters signs get their name because the elements that are used in them have an empty channel. This channel is used for illumination when lighting is added. Dimensional letter signs don’t have these channels and instead are made when solid sheets of material are cut. Customizing dimensional letter signs is easy when the font, size, style, and material thickness are altered.

Dimensional letter signs that can be created for specific brands with high quality can be made by Saber Sign Solutions.

Indoor signs, as well as lobby signs, are likely to be made with dimensional letters. Malls, offices, restaurants, retail stores, and manufacturing areas, are places where these signs are most likely to be seen.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignAdding LED lighting to channel letters make them more visible. When these signs are around at night or when poor weather happens, the lighting comes into play to make the letters bright and easy to see. Installing the sign and cleaning up afterwards can all be done by us.

Backlit channels are beneficial to businesses that operate during night and evening hours.

Nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants have these signs because they help promote to customers during the times when they are more likely to be busy. The same applies for comedy clubs, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We can promise you that we will offer your Austin business the best quality products and work quickly to crate your sign and have it up and running. Our team of specialists can make this happen and give you total assistance. We can be a customer for a one time job, or we can work with you for as long as your business exists.

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